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Danville, Indiana

The Greater Danville Chamber of Commerce works to promote new business and commercial growth, retention and expansion of existing business deemed beneficial to the community as a whole.  As well as engaging in the education of the membership and the public as to the objectives and  services provided by the Chamber.  While partnering with the Town of Danville on promoting the common interest of the Community.

New Chamber Director

Hello Members!


I would like to introduce the new Executive Director of the Greater Danville Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Kelly DiBenedetto began her new role this past Monday. After a few days of working with Kelly, I am so excited for the future of the Chamber and I know it is in excellent and loving hands. Please read her introduction below:



Chamber Members,

I wanted to give you a brief introduction into who I am and what experience I bring to my new position. My husband and I are long-term residents of Danville. As a long term resident, I have come to appreciate the value that a strong and vibrant economic base would bring to our community, and will work tirelessly to see that the Chamber provides the necessary forum and foundation to achieve those community goals as well as the individual prosperity of the various business owners contributing to it.

I was formerly employed with Link Federal Credit Union, an Indianapolis based community credit union holding the position of Chief Marketing Officer. In that position, my responsibilities included partnering with the CEO and Board of Directors of the institution to develop and deploy strategic marketing and business plans proliferating the institutions various retail financial, savings and investment products. In deploying those plans and strategies I initiate, fostered and maintain a vast array of strategic partnerships with members, clients and business partners. I was also responsible for the institution’s digital marketing strategies, website design, strategic data mining and analytics and social media campaigns targeted at the ongoing expansion and penetration of the client base. In addition to my position with the credit union, I believe you will find my public service, charitable, and lobbying experience to be a strong complement for the Danville Chamber’s Executive Director position.

I am Extremely Excited to work with the Danville Chamber members, Shelby and the town.   Over the next several months I hope to reach out and gain greater insight to our member’s needs. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

Finally, I want to personally thank Marcia Lynch for working tirelessly to build a strong, vibrant and competent Chamber. Her hard work has been evident throughout the town of Danville.   She leaves very big shoes to fill and hope to do the position justice.

I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!

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